In our ongoing uncompromising commitment to the most up to date technology Virtual Imaging is equipped with the newest 1.5 Tesla High Field strengh MRI Systems in the medical industry..
*Siemens Symphony Tim 1.5 Tesla  Magnetom-Ultra Gradient power class  system
*General Electric’s Signa LX Echospeed Plus 1.5 Tesla –Ultra gradient system

These powerful MR systems provide superb parallel  images in all body parts, including advanced sequences that provide the highest clinical imaging resolution, including unique applications in Breast Imaging. They are  are all Short Bore Magnets giving patients the feeling of an open environment for those that feel claustrophobic.
*Siemens Somatom 16 Multislice Cat Scan, With 3d reconstruction station
*Toshiba Asteon Multislice Cat Scan, with 3d reconstruction station

Faster multidetector technology allowing full range of studies, including CTA’s.

*Toshiba’s E-Cam Dual Detector Nuclear Camera

Dual detector Camera covering full range of nuclear procedures, Stress Tests, bone scans, thyroid uptakes. All in an open designed camera that offers patient comfort while providing digital high definition images. All of our stress tests are performed under the supervision of Board Certified Cardiologist.  An approved facility to provide I - 131 Thyroid Therapies.

*Women's Wellness

Hologic's "SELENIA" Digital Mammography system / The most advanced breast imaging solution and the most comprehensive imaging suite for detection and diagnosis.

Breast MRI"S are performed with our 18 channel Siemen's 1.5 Tesla Mri providing highest resolution imaging.

*Sleep Studies Laboratory

Equipped with the latest monitoring systems "Respitronics" the leading manufacturer and distributor in the sleep disordered breathing industry, we are able to provide the most accurate diagnosis with a safe and painless patient experience.


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